Chris Nanco – Forward, Bethlehem Steel

Chris Nanco "A soccer moment that is close to me would probably have to be in 2010 when I traveled overseas to train with the academies of Liverpool FC and Newcastle FC in the Premier

Reginald Cole – Hillside, Illinois

Reginald Cole "It was Dusk at Soldiers Field. A group of friends tailgating in the parking lot not far from the museum. The atmosphere was intense but we still had fun joking with each other.

Cole Treadaway – Atlanta, Georgia

Cole Treadaway "The Champions League trophy. The trophy every fan of a European club wants to see. As your team continues to put in good performances throughout the season, the hopes grow and grow until

Richard Guel – Phoenix, Arizona

Richard Guel "I’ve followed El TRI to over 23 cities (and counting), but it was minute 118 on October 10, 2015 in Pasadena, California versus USMNT and in the presence of 93-thousand fans that was

Gabriel Vollmer – Madison, Wisconsin

While has been published a while ago, it’s sort of turned into an annual ritual for me to search for this very piece and have a moment to my own. However, this time around, I

Dike Natsai Arthur Anyiwo – San Diego, California

(On the right) Dike Natsai Arthur Anyiwo "Born and raised in souther California to a Nigerian father and Zimbabwean mother who came to the US to pursue better lives for themselves and their families back

Kody Allenson – Tampa, Florida

Kody Allenson "When I hung up the cleats in 2008 after my Senior Season, I didn’t know what the future held for me. With minimal collegiate scholarship offers, I chose to pursue a career in

Zach Sietsma – Phoenix, Arizona

 Zach Sietsma "A soccer moment that is close to me was when I first started playing soccer my freshman year of high school people made fun of me for having no soccer talent at all
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