Colton Dolezal – Thomas More College, Kentucky

Colton Dolezal "Soccer is more than just a game. It is a lifestyle to many across the world, in which it unites all regardless of religion, race, or gender. Soccer has given me the best

Leigh Jakes – Smyrna, Georgia

Leigh Jakes "My soccer story has been difficult to write because I know it's not finished. I've been plagued with injuries throughout my career, but my love for the game has never wavered. I first

Rachel Breton – Defender, Sky Blue FC

Rachel Breton "I will never forget my debut game.  Looking up in the stands to see my parents cheering me on––ineffable.  Nostalgia began to permeate.  It all started at age 4 when I got to

Aaron Whitten – Locust Grove, Georgia

Aaron Whitten "What can I say? This game is a part of me. The ups and downs have made me into the person I am today. I've been playing soccer since I was 3 years

Michelle Heffner – Allentown, Pennsylvania

Michelle Heffner "The year was 1988. I was about 11 years old, and I spent endless time in my back yard juggling a soccer ball. One day my mom suggested signing up for a local

Michael Cathcart – Syracuse, New York

Michael Cathcart "I've been playing soccer since I was about 4 years old and professional soccer has come and gone in my city. While I love following and watching the Bundesliga, La Liga and the

Eamon Webb – Minden, Nevada

Eamon Webb "My greatest moment when it comes to football is when l saved enough money to travel to Barcelona and seeing where some of the greatest of all time played. I have always been

Niall McCabe – Midfielder, Louisville City FC

Niall McCabe "I can always remember playing in the flats back home in Ireland. I remember all the little games we played,World Cup, 3 and your in, on the volley. Football at its purest .

Dillon Brenner – Duluth, Minnesota

Dillon Brenner "Some of the best things in life are right next to you, hidden in plain sight, and you just don't notice. Take my Non-League story for example: It's June 2016, and I'm a
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