Abel Kisiel – Phoenix, Arizona

Abel Kisiel

“I was born in Ethiopia but grow up for the most part of my life in Arizona. I been playing soccer ever since I can remember. I remember when I was back in Ethiopia all I did was play soccer either early in the morning before school starts, during lunch break and even after school. The passion and love I have for this sport is simply unmeasurable. You asked why soccer means so much to me? First to me soccer means so much more than just a game. I don’t wanna go into detail but I went through some rough time in my life and being a soccer player had made a huge impact in my current life and in my future. No matter how much struggle I went through or I’m going through or even how bad my day is going, every time I have a soccer ball on my feet all my problems seems to just disappeared.

The only thing that matters to me during that short 90 plus minutes are my teammates and me enjoying the moment to the fullest. Right now I’m 20 years old. I have played 4 years of varsity soccer at Sunnyslope high school here in Phoenix Arizona, played for Santos FC, MFC, Phoenix college, paradise community college and Gorilla FC. Throughout my high school and college career I had the pleasure to be coached by several MLS players like Brandon McDonald and also by his sister Jessica McDonald, who’s currently playing for the US Women nation team along side one of my favorite player Alex Morgan. Right now I’m playing for UPSL Arizona Scorpions FC and working on my dream to play at even higher level.”

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