Dike Natsai Arthur Anyiwo – San Diego, California

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Dike Natsai Arthur Anyiwo

“Born and raised in souther California to a Nigerian father and Zimbabwean mother who came to the US to pursue better lives for themselves and their families back home. Growing up, Soccer was always more of a side gig for me. My parents emphasized school and church above all other things and to them, soccer was always more of a vehicle to help me round out my college applications than anything else.

I started playing AYSO when I was like 6. Started refereeing age 12 to earn my own pocket money, and by age 16 I started coaching in a volunteer capacity to round out my mandatory community service hours to graduate high school.

I’d only really started watching soccer on tv regularly in high school and I’ll never forget the day I came home early from school when no one was home and turned on the tv to find Wayne Rooney making his debut for United. Dude scored a hatty and from then on I was hooked.

It wasn’t until I was in college that the game of soccer really took over my life. I found other United fans and really bonded with a group of guys who loved the game just as much as I did. That passion emboldened me to pursue a career in the game by any means necessary.

After leaving school I moved to San Diego, Ca initially for an internship with the SD Flash NPSL team that I thought had a chance of growing into a true professional club. Little did I know that I would be let go from my internship just two months after arriving in town – against the wishes of my parents. With that as a backdrop, my stubbornness kicked in and I refused to return home tail between my legs. I scrapped around for another year or so before I found a job as a marketing assistant at .

Fast forward nearly 4 years and I’m the editor in chief of , host of the SN Pod and eagerly anticipating the year 2018 which is likely to be transformative for me as an entrepreneur, but also for the sport in San Diego.”

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