Cole Treadaway – Atlanta, Georgia

Cole Treadaway

“The Champions League trophy. The trophy every fan of a European club wants to see. As your team continues to put in good performances throughout the season, the hopes grow and grow until the mindset of “We can win this” takes over.

Euphoria overcomes at the mere thought of seeing your team, your captain, lift the trophy. As a Juventus fan, I know this feeling all too well. But I’ve never had the chance to live it; to see my beloved Bianconeri, donning those historic black and white stripes that have lifted so many trophies lift the one trophy I crave to see lifted. Two heartbreaks in three seasons is a terrible, terrible feeling that I wouldn’t wish on any fan who is as invested in a club as I am with Juve.

Watching the legends who made me fall in love with Juve- Pirlo and Buffon- cry at the final whistle hurts. The first lost I cried at the final whistle, and I cried even harder when I saw Pirlo crying, as it was his final game in a Juve jersey. The second loss was worse though, but I did not cry. I felt empty inside. Watching Buffon congratulate the Real Madrid players who out-classed a lack luster Juve, the same Juve who were tipped to be the strongest Juve in almost a decade. I thought I would never see him or any other Juventus player lift that historic trophy. But, in the darkness of losing, there was a light at the end of the tunnel for both losses.

The first loss in the ’14/15 season strengthened my love for La Vecchia Signora. The second loss in the ’16/17 season taught me that curiosity didn’t kill the cat; overconfidence did. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll see Juventus win the Champions League one day. Until then, e Fino¬†Alla Fine, Forza Juve.”

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