Chris Nanco – Forward, Bethlehem Steel

Chris Nanco

“A soccer moment that is close to me would probably have to be in 2010 when I traveled overseas to train with the academies of Liverpool FC and Newcastle FC in the Premier League. This moment was significant to me because of the timing as well as what it lead to. I was provided with this opportunity shortly after my Grandma has passed away and I had to make the decision of whether I was going to go to Jamaican for the funeral or to England to train with these to clubs. After talking with my family and thinking it over thoroughly, I chose to go to England. I felt that this is what my Grandma would of wanted me to do to focus on my passion. This time in England helped me get called up to the U17 Canadian National team camp in Jamaica a couple months later and I eventually made the team and went to a World Cup with them after scoring the goal to send the team to the World Cup in the qualification rounds. I feel like this helped me with the path to becoming a the professional soccer player that I am today through being scouted to go to school at Syracuse University for four years and graduate with a degree in economics, enter the MLS draft and sign my first professional contract with Bethlehem Steel the USL affiliate of the Philadelphia Union.”

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