The first major personal discovery in his life, right about when he was ten, was that this world was made of five elements and not four. Water, Earth, Fire, Wind and Football. In reverse order of priority.

From there on, every other occurrence, had to trudge in football’s shadow. His university stories are of games on the road and not of the discoveries in the lab. His football ambitions meandered from playing fully professional to doing sports management to working for the Asian Football Confederation. He had to wander away from those ambitions. Until now that is. Meet Futeek number one who’d stop to tell you the world is an epitome of stitched leather balanced on intricate feet.

It all started off with asking random people, from different backgrounds with an interest in the game I’d, come across a simple question. Why soccer? The conversation would kick off and so would the relationship. For some odd reason, I would find these stories to be fascinating.”

Through Futeek we aim to capture the stories of people from across the nation whilst making the game a little bit more human — by focusing on us, the fans, our stories and of those who are close to the game.